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How The Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Works


With over 25 years experience and because no two situations are identical, we assess each dispute, together with the parties, and then choose the mediation/arbitration model best suited to the needs of the parties and their unique dispute.


Understanding the needs of the parties involved in the process, and trying to ensure that participants take economically logical, fruitful, and realistic positions is the cornerstone of an alternative dispute resolution professional's work.  An ombudsman works on educating and preventing further conflict.  Linda and Professional Dispute Resolution, LLC can assist you in resolving disputes and developing programs for your business and its employees and agents.  The cost of litigation is expensive and one key business goal should be to avoid the costs and detrimental effects of litigation.

 Areas of Concentration for

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services


Mortgages, Real Estate & Property

Linda has litigated, arbitrated or mediated, in federal and state trial and appellate courts, and federal and state agencies, disputes including financial services and real estate matters, predatory lending litigation, fraudulent transfers, state and federal mortgage regulations, administrative compliance and title issues.  Her experience also includes property disputes involving auto, truck, boat and other personal property claims.











Lending Disputes, Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights

Loan workouts, preferences, fraudulent transfers, and financing disputes



Disputes involving health information technology companies, electronic medical records, health and medical ventures, medical clinics/groups, health systems, managed care companies, health maintenance organizations, hospitals, insurers, patients, physicians, medical experts/other clinical providers and durable medical equipment.























What will it cost?

The cost of services vary depending upon the specific services being provided, the number of parties involved, the complexity of the matter, and the time required.  There is no charge for an initial discussion regarding services. A written fee agreement is always prepared and signed for all services. Deposits will be required, and all mediation and arbitration services are to be paid in full before the first arbitration date/mediation meeting.  All expenses of the arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, coaching, ombudsman services, and education and training, including required travel and other actual costs or charges shall be borne equally by the parties unless they otherwise agree and so inform the mediator/arbitrator/consultant.  Study time, pre-mediation conference(s) and post-mediation follow-up are billed at hourly rate. Post mediation follow-up less than 2 hours will not be charged.  Travel and accommodations, if required, at actual cost. No charge for travel time except for case related work. When travel time is charged it is done at a reduced rate and there are no administrative fees or charges for clerical work. Cancellation fee: 100% of payment is due if cancellation is within 2 working days of commencement of mediation; 50% of payment is due if cancellation is within 7 business days of commencement of mediation. Cancellation fees apply only to schedule in-person sessions and not to telephone sessions.  There would be no other fees charged to the Parties. The expenses of participants for any party shall be paid by the party requesting the participants' attendance. Rates are available upon request.



The dispute resolution process is designed to meet your specific needs, using any of these methods and/or to serve as an ombudsman to work with disputes. Disputes and legal problems are unavoidable in life including business life.  The challenges posed by business disputes involve many complex interactions and procedures.


Contracts, including Business, Government and Employment

Employment contract breaches, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) claims, litigation, business owner disputes, partnership/joint venture disputes, succession planning, government contract disputes, franchise and investment disputes.


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